2012 Opening Ceremony…WOW!

What an opening ceremony! From the sublime representation of the wonderful and varied British countryside, through the noise and the clamor of the industrial revolution, to the celebration of our technological and artistic culture of today. A nation that does not feel the need to prove itself in the world, but is happy and confident enough to say, this is the journey we have been on and this is who we are now. Sure, it is easy to criticize but even the ne’er-saying minority have been largely silenced (but now they’ve had their opening ceremony thunder stolen, they will no doubt move on to other areas)…let’s just ignore them eh?

I’d love to find some cunning way to get a mention of pvc pipe or abs pipe into this posting (ha! there! just done it!) but will just leave it with a pic that says it all for me



About piscespipesystems

Managing Director of Pisces Engineering Ltd, the parent company of Plastic Pipe Shop. www.plasticpipeshop.co.uk

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