Sausage finger friendly

Well we are please to say that our new app was accepted onto Android today – Hoorah! PIPEFLOW is a free app we have developed and is designed to take the headache out of sizing plastic pipe systems. The app allows the user to select from a range of plastic pipe materials, and add other variables such as imperial or metric, flow rate units etc. to ensure all their parameters are correct. It is then a simple case of putting in the length of your pipe run, adding the number of each type of fitting and hey presto! you have your headloss (or pressure loss) figure. We have included a few help pages to guide users on the way.

Designing the app has been a new experience for us – we are well used to doing websites and other types of programming, where you have a full screen to play with, but app design is something else entirely! We are lucky in one way, in that everyone in our office, seems to suffer from the dreaded “sausage fingers”, where small devices are concerned (and feared). Testing in such an arduous environment has made sure that anyone…and I mean anyone…should be able to press the right buttons and get the right result.

We have the iphone version coming in a few days; as long as we can get through the unsurprisingly complex apple compliance systems, and also a java version to stick on our website.

So feel free to download PIPEFLOW…because it is free!


About piscespipesystems

Managing Director of Pisces Engineering Ltd, the parent company of Plastic Pipe Shop.

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