Archive | October 2012

Ultra Pure


Although all the PVC and ABS pipe we sell is manufactured to standards that allow it to be used for potable (drinking) water, for some industries an even higher standard is required. For this reason we have now introduced a range of PVDF (Polyinylidene Flouride – try saying that with your teeth out!) standard and High Purity pipework.

Standard PVDF has the best all round chemical resistance profile of any thermoplastic. It is extensively used in the chemical industry where aggressive liquids are used. The non-toxic, non leaching characteristics of PVDF also make it suitable for foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and the semi conductor industry. As if this wasn’t enough, a special high purity version of PVDF is also available;

High Purity PVDF is manufactured using additional processes and packaging so that components meet the needs of industries such as biotechnology, healthcare, laboratory and the more stringent sectors of the semiconductor industry.

The manufacturing process of high purity components uses a full traceability system. Full certification of component chemicals, processing techniques, testing and packaging systems is available.

Our sales engineers are fully trained with these new systems and will be happy to discuss your application.