Archive | February 2013

Love, Love, Love!


As Valentine’s day is approaching we thought we would come out and admit that we are in head over heels in love with our feedback.

When we first started using the Feefo feedback system 12 months ago, we were a little worried of what we would be letting ourselves in for. No matter how confident you are that you are providing a good service, opening yourself up for comments from ALL your customers, whatever they may be, for the whole world to see, is a pretty scary thing!

Well, a year has gone by since we started…and we are pleased to say that we are 100% in love with our feedback system. This love affair is not only borne out of the warm fuzzy glow we get, when receiving the nice compliments that many people give us, but also for the comments that give us an insight into what we are not doing well…so we can fix them and get them right. As a result of your feedback we have; introduced part numbers, added a search by part number facility, added a quick order form, improved the explanatory text about our carriage and returns costs, started supplying a range of metal valves and changed the way we provide information to carriers to ensure reduce the risk of a missed delivery.

Nobody is perfect (well…apart from our wives)….not you (sorry if that is a shock!)…and not us. We know this and so look forward to getting loads more constructive feedback in the coming year. Should you have a comment that you would like to make about our site, how we operate, or anything else that we do please feel free to email us…we’d love to hear from you!