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Love, Love, Love!


As Valentine’s day is approaching we thought we would come out and admit that we are in head over heels in love with our feedback.

When we first started using the Feefo feedback system 12 months ago, we were a little worried of what we would be letting ourselves in for. No matter how confident you are that you are providing a good service, opening yourself up for comments from ALL your customers, whatever they may be, for the whole world to see, is a pretty scary thing!

Well, a year has gone by since we started…and we are pleased to say that we are 100% in love with our feedback system. This love affair is not only borne out of the warm fuzzy glow we get, when receiving the nice compliments that many people give us, but also for the comments that give us an insight into what we are not doing well…so we can fix them and get them right. As a result of your feedback we have; introduced part numbers, added a search by part number facility, added a quick order form, improved the explanatory text about our carriage and returns costs, started supplying a range of metal valves and changed the way we provide information to carriers to ensure reduce the risk of a missed delivery.

Nobody is perfect (well…apart from our wives)….not you (sorry if that is a shock!)…and not us. We know this and so look forward to getting loads more constructive feedback in the coming year. Should you have a comment that you would like to make about our site, how we operate, or anything else that we do please feel free to email us…we’d love to hear from you!


Ultra Pure


Although all the PVC and ABS pipe we sell is manufactured to standards that allow it to be used for potable (drinking) water, for some industries an even higher standard is required. For this reason we have now introduced a range of PVDF (Polyinylidene Flouride – try saying that with your teeth out!) standard and High Purity pipework.

Standard PVDF has the best all round chemical resistance profile of any thermoplastic. It is extensively used in the chemical industry where aggressive liquids are used. The non-toxic, non leaching characteristics of PVDF also make it suitable for foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and the semi conductor industry. As if this wasn’t enough, a special high purity version of PVDF is also available;

High Purity PVDF is manufactured using additional processes and packaging so that components meet the needs of industries such as biotechnology, healthcare, laboratory and the more stringent sectors of the semiconductor industry.

The manufacturing process of high purity components uses a full traceability system. Full certification of component chemicals, processing techniques, testing and packaging systems is available.

Our sales engineers are fully trained with these new systems and will be happy to discuss your application.

Rainy daze…

Fitting pvc plastic pipe in the rain

Well hasn’t this summer been a doozie? Doing almost any work outside in such wet weather is difficult at best and fitting plastic pipe is no exception. This photo was sent into use by one of our customers after finally completing a job where, for a period of seven days on site, it only stopped raining once…and that was for a hail storm!

After the first day was washed out, the engineers rang us up to ask if we had any pvc pipe glue that would work in such conditions.  We do have a glue called “wet or dry” that will work in the damp, but not in such atrocious weather as they were experiencing. So, on our advice they nipped down to a local B&Q and equipped themselves with some garden gazebos. These promptly blew away when the first squall came through and being cheap ones were only good for scrap metal. Not to be outdone the engineers then went back to B&Q bought some more gazebos and this time lashed them down with rope, that was tied to just about anything that looked like it was heavy. In the meantime we dispatched some “wet or dry” glue to them and it arrived by 8:45am the following morning.

Even under the gazebos it was still not possible to keep everything totally dry…it never ceases to amaze me how far the tiny splashes from one single drip can fly…and so the special cement came into its own.

The job was eventually completed on time, and apart for a few miserable looking, waterlogged engineers, in damp overalls, it looked just fine. After pressure testing and commissioning, the gazebos were packed away in the van as a new, favourite “essential” tool for every plastic pipe fitter…hmm maybe we should sell them on the plasticpipeshop!

Sausage finger friendly

Well we are please to say that our new app was accepted onto Android today – Hoorah! PIPEFLOW is a free app we have developed and is designed to take the headache out of sizing plastic pipe systems. The app allows the user to select from a range of plastic pipe materials, and add other variables such as imperial or metric, flow rate units etc. to ensure all their parameters are correct. It is then a simple case of putting in the length of your pipe run, adding the number of each type of fitting and hey presto! you have your headloss (or pressure loss) figure. We have included a few help pages to guide users on the way.

Designing the app has been a new experience for us – we are well used to doing websites and other types of programming, where you have a full screen to play with, but app design is something else entirely! We are lucky in one way, in that everyone in our office, seems to suffer from the dreaded “sausage fingers”, where small devices are concerned (and feared). Testing in such an arduous environment has made sure that anyone…and I mean anyone…should be able to press the right buttons and get the right result.

We have the iphone version coming in a few days; as long as we can get through the unsurprisingly complex apple compliance systems, and also a java version to stick on our website.

So feel free to download PIPEFLOW…because it is free!

All change…


We have just finished what seems like a monumental move, but hopefully, to those looking at us from outside our wee bubble there is very little to notice, with no gaps to fall though! Changing your domain name is generally regarded as a daft thing to do, but we felt that our old domain name of, which has served us well for 12 years, no longer represented the type of company we are. We were delighted to be able to obtain a couple of months ago and have now completed the ethereal move. This has also meant a move for our facebook ( and soon our blog address will change too.

Changing the domain name is an horrendously complicated process for an online company such as us, that relies on Google positioning for business. Over the years, as a result of a lot of hard work (and some even harder knocks) we have built up a good Google ranking, showing up, usually somewhere in the top three, for our main search terms. Unfortunately there is no way with Google, at present, to tell Google that a site is changing its domain name, so our new name has to start all the way down the bottom and work its way up again. We think this will take somewhere between 1 and 2 years so, for the foreseeable future anyway, both sites; the old “” and the new “” will continue to mirror each other.

So, we hope that you continue to visit and enjoy our blog, facebook pages and website in their new homes…we certainly look forward to seeing you there!


Blast protection containers

One of our customers has recently developed an interesting product out of our PVC fittings. The picture below shows pvc pipe and end caps being used as part of a blast protection container.


The PVC is ideal for creating individual pots with lids. Each of these little pots houses the company’s own unique material known as TABRE (Technology for Attenuating Blast Related Energy) which absorbs the shock waves from blasts. The equipment is used in factories producing explosive components. A small amount of primary explosive is stored in each pot. In the event of an accident, the pots prevent one explosive charge setting off the next one, hence limiting the overall explosive event. The pots are then stored in trays, in a purpose built container which can be hand carried around the factory, protecting the user from any harmful explosive effects.

2012 Opening Ceremony…WOW!

What an opening ceremony! From the sublime representation of the wonderful and varied British countryside, through the noise and the clamor of the industrial revolution, to the celebration of our technological and artistic culture of today. A nation that does not feel the need to prove itself in the world, but is happy and confident enough to say, this is the journey we have been on and this is who we are now. Sure, it is easy to criticize but even the ne’er-saying minority have been largely silenced (but now they’ve had their opening ceremony thunder stolen, they will no doubt move on to other areas)…let’s just ignore them eh?

I’d love to find some cunning way to get a mention of pvc pipe or abs pipe into this posting (ha! there! just done it!) but will just leave it with a pic that says it all for me